Glass Water Bottle 360ml

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  • (1)Made of high-boron glass material, healthy and hygienic. (2)Moderate capacity. With a silicone strap for convenient carrying. (3)Features double-walled and thickened base design.
  • (1)Clean the inner wall before use. (2)Do not fill to the top. Leave about 2cm empty and tighten the lid. (3)Add 1-2 drops of vinegar into warm water, pour it in the bottle and leave it to stand for 30 minutes, then clean with a soft sponge. (Note: Do not
  • Cautions: (1)Keep it out of reach of children. (2)Do not put it in dishwasher, dish dryer or microwave oven. (3)Please clean immediately after use, to avoid unpleasant smell. (4)Keep it away from fir
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