I9S TWS Wireless Earphones (Touch Control)(Pink)

$ 39.90

Features:1.True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones. Separated left&right sound channels. The two earbuds can work individually or in pairs. 2.Supports caller ID display, last called number redial, and Chinese&English smart voice prompt for turning on/off, pairing, d
Usage:1.Turn on the charging case, then the blue/red indicator light will go on. 2.Take out the earbuds from the case, then it will automatically turn on and pair. (Note: The earbuds will automatically turn on only if the charging case is turned on before bein
Notes:1.Handle with care. Avoid great pressure. Keep it away from high-temperature places. 2.Keep it away from WIFI router or other high-frequency transmitting devices which will affect the signal reception

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