AW820-Cartoon Bear Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale (26*26cm)(White)

$ 19.90

Features:1.Designed for measuring weights of at least 200g/0.44lb. 2.Maximum weight: 180kg/396.8lb. Accuracy: ±50g/0.11lb. 3.Comes with a backlit screen for convenient reading even in the dark.
Usage:Load 4*AAA battery in the battery compartment, then place the scale on hard and level floor. Step on the scale when the screen displays "O.OKg". If the scale is turned off, please gently step on the scale to turn it on, then step off and wait for the scre
Notes:1.Place the scale on hard and level surface. No instantaneous and sudden temperature change. The weighed weight should not exceed 150% of the rated weighing range, to avoid damage to the weighing comp

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