Adorable Sachet-Like Power Bank 10000mah - P10

$ 35.90

Features:1.Features lovely and adorable appearance design. Stylish and trendy. 2.Adopts 3D colored printing technique. 3.Comes with dual input ports. Ensures double charging speed. 4.Designed with a hanging hole for convenient carrying. 5.Small but large-capacity.
Usage:1.To recharge the power bank: Connect the power bank to an adapter with the included charging cable. 2.To charge other devices with the power bank: Connect the power bank to your mobile phone with a charging cable. 3.Double tap the button to discontinue
Notes:1.Be sure to use in dry environment. 2.Do not place or store in high-temperature or damp environment. 3.Avoid impact, pressure and do not put it in fire during use. 4.Do not disassemble the product by

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